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Lawn Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance ensures that your lawn can withstand threats from lawn-damaging weeds and insects. It also ascertains that your flowers, grass, and shrubs can fight-off diseases.

 Lawn maintenance ensures your turf can survive unpredictable weather and guarantees your lawn is ever nutrient rich.

-Spring Cleanups : This is a great time to start a lawn renovation that will include power raking to remove  all dead matted grass that has accumulated in the lawn over the past season.


-Seeding and Fertilizer: can be applied to wake up  your lawn for a great growing season.


-Weekly Lawn Maintenance - Once a week mowing and edging the lawn.


-Chemical Program - We can schedule  applications of fertilizer, weed control, lime and fungicide specially formulated to keep  your lawn and shrubs healthy for years to come.


-Trimming and Pruning - Proper timing is the key for the pruning and shrubs

trimming to    maintain the health and appearance of a professionally landscaped property.


-Fall Cleanups and Lawn Renovations - Fall weather is the perfect time to renovate a burnt, dried out or weak looking lawn.


-Leaf Removal - Leaving leaves on the lawn all fall and winter is a sure way to damage and promote disease to your lawn. 

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We have a focus on detail through several years of architectural and landscape design experience, blended with a solid foundation of high-end craftsman building experience.


Mayco's Landscaping is a full service company, capable of handling a project from design conception through estimating-bidding and completed construction within reasonable time constraints and deadlines.


Our Customers typically have an appreciation of nature conservancy, green design and stylistic design.

Our Professional services include:


 -Retaining walls 

- Paver Patios with several design and colors

 -Garden steps

- Built-in fire pits

- Pergolas,etc

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